At Rajasthan’s “last village”, a picture postcard bunch of huts that go by the name of Tanot, 120kms from Jaisalmer, time doesn’t seem to move. It’s almost like people in the 49 dwellings-495 votes – have been living this life forever,rearing cattle, painting their mud walled houses in the bright colors, scrounging for water and battling extreme weather conditions.

The last civilian point on the Indian-Pakistan border on the western side, Tanot is a village where poet RS THomas would perhaps say “So Little Happens”.

Temperature often cross 50 degrees celcius in summers. In winter, it’s freezing. But, sand storms are routine.

The village has one primary school.”The nearest secondary and senior secondary school is about 50km away – in Ramgarh. The ever changing topography of the village, thanks to the desert storms, makes life harder.

As darkness starts to descend on Tanot, Kumma Devi,45, is worried about a goat that hasn’t returned.”What will i do if it doesn’t come back.”she said, her eyes wrinkling in anxiety

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